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Real moaners are seldom curable and are not the subject of this site. We don't want to rub salt on the wounds of the truly afflicted. Some moaners could greatly benefit from being exposed as moaners. The ability to laugh at your own situation however miserable it seems at the time, is the greatest strength of our own human condition.

And always remember you don't have to be a moaner to moan. Everybody loves a good moan. It's when you develop into moaning all day everyday about nothing you've really kind of lost the plot. Have you ever heard yourself moaning and suddenly realized "you know I'm turning into a moaning git." This could be that your moans were never properly aired. Get it off your chest and let's build a database of things that need moaning about. My grandchild is fascinated with make up and she's only 6. Am I simply a moaner for not being happy about young children wearing makeup or is she a moaner for not liking grownups imposing their will on her all the time or is anything justifiable these days just because everybody else seems to be doing it. Body piercing seems to be here to stay. I hate body piercing. I can always remember accidents at work that resulted in disfigurement as a result of rings and earrings. Every time I see a ring in a vulnerable part of the body I feel sorry for the poor person who's wearing it and I only see a potential hazard. Well am I just a moaner?  Are some of my moans justifiable? What do you say about tongue studs when your sixteen year old arrives home with her tongue pierced?

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