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This is the site where you can have a good moan, be entertained by moaners extraordinaire or simply find out about moaning.

Come on. Mail me your moans.

I'm Rab your Author and host


Everyone knows there's nothing like a good moan. So be my guest and  get moaning.

Get moaning.

 Only the best moans will be acceptable for publication. So don't delay, get moaning today.

We've all met a moaner of one sort or the other, so let's do it. Nail the biggest moaner you know, or why not just become a moaner yourself, after all, why should women get it all their own way. Don't worry if you're a first time moaner, we won't laugh at you for having a go. It can take years to develop into a real moaner as most of us long suffering married people know. So don't delay, get moaning today.


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