Moaners hall of fame

The world's greatest moaner.

 Clara Smith

1895 - February 3, 1935
Birthplace: Spartanburg, South Carolina.
Called Queen of the Moaners and the World's Greatest Moaner, vaudeville- blues vocalist Clara Smith possessed a voice that nearly rivaled Bessie Smith's (no relation). Smith began recording for Columbia in 1923; her first records were dragged-out, gloomy accounts of lost love and betrayal. Frequently backed by Fletcher Henderson on piano, Smith plodded her way through songs such as "Every Woman's Blues" and "Awful Moaning Blues," in the process creating sad portraits of a suffering, tragic heroine.
On later recordings in the 1920s, Smith refined her delivery somewhat so that her melancholia did not always get in the way of the songs she sang. Many of her best recordings were done from 1925 to 1928 and often included risqué sexual references. In all, she recorded some 125 songs, almost all of them for Columbia. Some of her records featured instrumental backing by such prominent jazz artists as cornetist Louis Armstrong, saxophone player Coleman Hawkins, clarinetist Don Redman, and pianist James P. Johnson. Twice she recorded duets with Bessie Smith.
Little is known about Smith's early years, except that she worked the Southern vaudeville stops and ultimately became a popular performer on the TOBA (Theatre Owners' Booking Association) circuit. She moved to Harlem in 1923 and the following year opened up the Clara Smith Theatrical Club. When not recording or performing in New York cabarets and theaters, Smith frequently toured. Part of her popularity was due to her vocal versatility. In addition to singing the blues, Smith also incorporated vaudeville and pop numbers into her show, as well as comedy routines. Smith's last recordings were in 1932, although she continued to perform until suffering a fatal heart attack in Detroit in 1935. If you're interested in the blues visit.

The Blueflamecafe

One of my biggest private moans is the fact that the former website I used to link to called the Blueflamecafe which was an excellent site and so full of information on all the blues artists going right back to the roots of blues music, just disappeared from the net and was replaced by an adds for everything and anything.

Victor Meldrew is probably the one man who put a real meaning to One foot in the grave.moaning. And why not. Everybody enjoys a good moan now and then. What a sad world it would be if we didn't get on our soapbox from time to time and let the whole world know what we thought of it from the privacy of our own homes. 


This could be your picture of a real moaner

I'm your author and host. If you have any pictures of real moaners please send  them to me as attached email and I will include them with your caption. To send me your moaners accompanied by an appropriate caption.

 From: trying to get some work done in Canada
Honest!  I got this mailed to me from a dear, dear friend (names
deleted to protect the absurd):
"Brace yourselves!  The nail on my index finger, left hand just ripped
so I
had to peel it off!  I'm thinking of taking the week off to deal with
I think it deserves at least an honourable mention in the Moaner's Hall
of Shame!

Comments: It's a painful experience at times being a moaners author.


Introducing Moaners Extraordinaire

Introducing the world's greatest moaners. Do you know of a moaner who deserves a mention in the moaners hall of fame? You don't have to be a blues singer or a famous person to be in the moaners hall of fame. You just have to be a genuine moaner.

Anne Robinson

This is Anne Robinson the woman who perfected the art of moaning, firstly as a 'Watchdog' presenter and now she's followed it up with her new hit series 'The Weakest Link'. It all goes to prove that real moaners do make a difference. The real moaners are the poor souls who have to watch her being totally obnoxious to all her contestants on the Weakest Link. 


Imagine anyone moaning about Furby. If you want to e-mail your Furby fan club just click on Furby.

Come on moaners pull something out of the hat.



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