Reasons for moaning.

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  1. The main reason is to bring about change for the better so you see moaning is a positive thing to do if you moan about things that can change.

  2. Moaning makes you feel better, even if you are moaning just for the sake of moaning.

  3. Because you have a genuine grievance that you want to air.

  4. Because you're a moaner. (It may be necessary from time to time to point out that real moaners are not the people who should be using this site as they can usually find plenty to moan about on their own.) This is a category that most women over the age of 50 seem to fall into automatically, where as men of course rarely ever become real moaners.

  5. Someone has tread on your ingrown toenail.

  6. Having to listen to Englishmen and Americans when they're abroad.

  7. Jack Straw.

  8. People who pronounce words like law, saw and draw with an r at the end. There should be a lawr against this kind of shit, especially from BBC news broadcasters. And that wee wumin that reads the news and talks aboot mirders and birns, ah wish somebody wid murder hur and chuck er in the burn.

  9. Tory Blair.

  10. That white stuff that comes out of some modern types of bacon when you fry it.

  11. Tomatoes that last for ever and taste like bland, turnips.

  12. The weakest link. (British television quiz show.)

  13. The Archers. (British radio soap)

  14. The weather.

  15. Mobile phone freaks.

  16. Oil tankers that are sailing rust heaps with underpaid crews carrying one of the worlds most valuable resources and most dangerous chemicals.

  17. Selfish idiots who dump rubbish and cans and bottles everywhere they go.

  18. The stone brains who smash the bottles and perch the cans on trees for air gun practice.

  19. People who let their dogs shit anywhere.

  20. Furbies.

  21. Vinegar sold as wine. There's far too much of it about.

  22. Pot noodles, ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Television programs about television programs.

  24. Television programs about pop legends we're all glad to see the back of.

  25. Television programs about buying and selling houses.

  26. Adverts on satellite TV when you've already paid through the nose for something to watch.

  27. Websites that don't work.

  28. Flashing web advertisements.

  29. Pop up blockers.

  30. Browsers full of advert buttons.

  31. Bare bellied fashion.

  32. People who drop chewing gum in the street.

  33. Tongue studs and general jungle fashion.

  34. Fashion shoes that leave our kids hobbling about like disabled people and permanently damage the feet of most adults.

  35. The inflated price of most trainers and decent sports wear.

  36. Rap crap.

  37. The price of a ticket to see a football game.

  38. People who dump rubbish in the countryside.

  39. Dead urls.

  40. Junk mail.


  42. The person who just reminded you it's your Saturday night on goes off on holiday.

  43. You live in a nice wee flat in a nice wee area and you've got a woman upstairs from you who dumps about the house all day like a heifer on stilts.

  44. West sound radio, especially on a Friday and Saturday night when they play general dross all night and call it dance music.

  45. West Sound Radio presenter Collin McCargill's cuddy laugh, loud and lewd suggestions and general bad taste in everything from music to public debate.

  46. Hooch sold as cider to kill off poor people who become alcoholics.

  47. Our children imitating American jargon they hear on television.

  48. Top pop stars swearing and promoting a drugs culture in the records they sell to our children.

  49. Speculation about when Toni will shoot off to the Tuscan hills for well earned rest and leave Gordon on the pulpit to sink or swim.

  50. Religious freaks selling Jesus from a skateboard.

  51. Ambiguous pricing of basic commodities like energy. 

  52. Old people who blame everything on the younger generation. 

  53. The younger generation who blame everything on the older generation.

  54. Children obsessed with fashion.

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