Moan of the year.

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The current Moan of the year must go to Victor Meldrew for his complaints about who wants to be a millionaire being a fix that was devised to beat his last show ratings. "I don't believe it!!!!!! You keep yourself respectable and pay your taxes and this is what you get in return. They give a million quid to some retired debutante for being able to remember who her Auntie was and here's me sweating my guts out with the BBC and they all switch over to the other side to see a quiz show. And now to top it all some bloody upstart of a computer geek has given me the honorary title of  Moaner of the year."


Good for you Victor. The whole country thought it was a fix too and we taped your show so we could watch Who wants to be a millionaire, live. I've decided to honour you in my moaners hall of fame. I think it worked out for the best. Imagine the disappointment if you'd taped that woman winning the million quid. Some things are best forgotten about but we won't forget you Victor and all the crew for an excellent show.

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