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  1. How do I use this site?
  2. What if I can't send e-mails
  3. When will my moans be published?
  4. Guest book entries.
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How do I use this site?

To send me your moans just click on the arrow wherever you see itSend us your moansand moan away till your heart's content. Lycos will contact me instantly and you don't have to reveal your identity. You don't need an email address. You can send your moans to moaners from any corner of the globe. All you need is a computer that's connected to the internet.


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When will my moans be published?

When I have time to review them and publish them. Anything considered to be in bad taste will never be published. Please remember when moaning about commercial organisations that you could be liable for any damages arising from false claims. Guest book entries will only be approved by me. I reserve the right to modify the language in any published moans for the sake of keeping this site free from uncouth  geeks, spammers and advertisers. All good moans will normally be published within one week.


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Guest book entries.

Anyone wishing to sign my guest book is welcome to do so. All entries are subject to the webmaster's approval so if you are determined to use the guest book for slagging or advertising purposes, then you will be wasting your time because I will edit out anything that is not acceptable. All guests who enter their e-mail address will receive an automatic e-mail reply thanking them for their entry from me via the Lycos network and I will also be informed by email when my guest book has been signed. You are also welcome to use the guest book to voice your moans but they will be subject to the same approval as I apply to the rest of the site. I reserve the right to publish your moans separately if I consider the guest book not to be the best place for them.

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I am of course keen that the site should work properly with most browsers. If you have any difficulties with the site on your computer will you please contact me letting me know which browser you are using and what the problem is.

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What if I can't send e-mails

If you can't send e-mails then you can still send your moans by clicking wherever you see the pink arrow.

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Moans about moaners.

If you don't moan about moaners I will never learn how to improve the site. I welcome any suggestions for improvement of the content or appearance of the site. I don't however wish to receive any moans about the moaners who have participated in the site. My concept for moaners is to provide a platform where moans from the general public can be listed and considered and the whole concept of moaning can be given a bit more clout. It is not to start a general slagging match between individuals. If this is strictly adhered to then I will have achieved my objective and people will feel free to moan about the things that really annoy them in the confidence that they will not suffer any personal insult. No doubt one person's moans will lead to another's reason for moaning etc' but what I want to avoid is the whole thing developing into a rather boring slagging match. Maybe someone has a site called and this would be the place for a slagging match.

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